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One of the toughest parts about being single, likely second to the actual loneliness that some people experience, is the act of trying to find someone. So many ways, but nothing that works 100% of the time. Then, there's the actual dates. Someone may look really good on paper, or physically, but what you get when they are in front of you can be much different. They may be arrogant, mean, they don't ask questions, or worse yet, you've been cat-fished. OR, maybe it's you who isn't putting out the right energy. The process to finding a new job offers similar challenges. In both cases, the result of your efforts is not completely dependent upon you. You certainly have some responsibility

Work Your Life - Balance Your Work

For me, the summertime can be an amazing and depressing time of year. It's a time where turning up becomes so much easier because there's always something to be done. Just the other day, I went to Liberty Science Center (a science museum) for a "Dancing with the Drones" event. My thought was that it was going to be a drones presentation, where they somehow moved methodically and "danced." I was wrong; There were a couple of drones people could play with, and there was a DJ (there was also this cool obstacle course<pictured>). A DJ that kept the party going from 6 PM until at least 10 PM (which is when I left). Though not what I expected, the music was on fire. He played artists from t

Who is My HR Guy!

Hello All. Let me start by welcoming you to the "My HR Guy" blog. I encourage you to look through my website to understand more about "My HR Guy" and what I can do for you. When referring to me, you can call me Ty, or just plain old "My HR Guy." As in, I'm not sure what to do about "X," so I need to get in touch with "My HR Guy" to discuss it. When thinking about what to write about in my first entry I found myself in, what I imagine to be, a familiar place for most new business-owners. That is, trying to find a unique way to describe my services. Human Resources is familiar to most people, but how does that translate to what I offer? The most appropriate way to describe my service is

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