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Who is My HR Guy!

Hello All. Let me start by welcoming you to the "My HR Guy" blog. I encourage you to look through my website to understand more about "My HR Guy" and what I can do for you. When referring to me, you can call me Ty, or just plain old "My HR Guy." As in, I'm not sure what to do about "X," so I need to get in touch with "My HR Guy" to discuss it.

When thinking about what to write about in my first entry I found myself in, what I imagine to be, a familiar place for most new business-owners. That is, trying to find a unique way to describe my services. Human Resources is familiar to most people, but how does that translate to what I offer? The most appropriate way to describe my service is to call me a Career Coach. It's familiar, and it's fairly accurate. Unfortunately, I tend to think it's a limiting term. I'd be happy to assist you with a resume, and I'd love to help put you on a path to a career you love but that's not where it ends for me.

My HR Guy is about access to a Human Resources professional that is here to serve you. I am here to provide a competent, compassionate, and non-judgmental partnership, that allows you to make the most out of what you spend most of your time doing on a daily basis: Working! That may mean helping you become a better manager or employee. It could also mean helping you navigate through a conflict or unique challenge, or helping you begin or manage your transition from one organization to another. These are services that everyone should have access to, but that isn't always the case. To help fill that gap, I've created "My HR Guy." If you need any of these services, or feel that having your own personal Human Resources professional would be advantageous to your career, please contact me at for a free consultation. I'm available for appointments anytime Monday to Saturday, and can schedule phone or Skype calls.

As for the "My HR Guy" blog. I will cover one topic per week. Each topic will be rooted in Human Resources, but my goal is to use relate-able, and hopefully fun examples to explore the topic. I encourage feedback, so your comments are welcome. If there are any topics you are interested in, please also share them. Thank you, and Welcome to "My HR Guy."

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