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Ego Check

You Are Not THAT Important

Ego’s. We all have some semblance of one, and that’s a good thing. They allow us to do things that we otherwise would not ever strive to do. But it sometimes causes us to do damaging things. Things that, from an outside perspective, makes absolutely no sense.

Take for example, the flight attendant who decided to quit his job, by grabbing a beer, and exiting the plane down the emergency slide. That’s pretty dramatic. (Article can be found here,)

And the truth is, it’s not far from what most of us think. Consider the “I’m quitting my job because I’ve won the lotto” ads that ran a few years ago (here's one). It played on something that a lot of us feel deep down inside.

They all are rooted in this idea that, the employer is going to miss you when you are gone. Otherwise, why dream up these dramatic exits. Are they shocking and do they grab your attention? Yes? In the whole scheme of things, do they do any real damage to your employer? In most cases no. That is, unless your employer is engaged in some illegal activity that you’re planning on exposing.

The truth is, you are not that important (no offense). The idea that your exit will truly hurt an employer is all about your ego. And you have to get over yourself. As much as we don’t want to believe this, we are all replaceable; some more easily than others, but still replaceable.

MY HR Guy Perspective

This weeks topics is all about making yourself a better professional. And it applies to all parts of your career life. If you want to leave your job, leave! Don't build up these grand visions of how you're going to stick it to the boss. Or how much things are going to fail when you're gone. It's likely not true. Even if it is, don't let that be your motivation. Focus on what you want or need. Focus on what's going to make you #GetBetter.

Every career move you make should be more about how it will benefit you and your family, and less about how it will hurt or negatively impact others.

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