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Quick Hit - Writer's Block

Everyday we go to work, we have an attitude. If we're working somewhere that we love, that attitude is likely geared toward doing the best that we can, and having the greatest, positive, impact. If we're lukewarm about it, the attitude is likely geared toward doing enough to stay in the company's good graces. If we hate our job, the attitude is likely geared toward being invisible, and not pissing anybody off.

I love what I do. I, like anyone else, have my bad days, but for the most part I really love the work. Human Resources professionals possess an ability to make people and the companies they work for, really successful. We are the ultimate people problem solvers, and have a business savvy that surprises many people. I feel like we're the visible ninjas of most organizations, but I digress.

That attitude to do the best I can, led me to have writers block recently. I try hard to provide content that most will find useful, and look to enlighten my readers. If I don't feel that I have that fire, then I don't write it.

Unfortunately, a lot of us do that. If we can't be sure that we're about to be perfect, we don't take the shot. I realize I haven't posted in almost a month, which does nothing for the "My HR Guy" brand. The same thing applies to you in your daily job. Sometimes, you are just going in and doing your job, but nothing more. You have the capacity to do more, but you don't know what else you should do. You're looking for someone to give you direction, but it doesn't happen. They don't know you can take on more, or they don't know what else to give you, so you're stuck in this rut.

The fact is, there are plenty of things you can do. Learn a new skill, help a coworker on a project, create your own small project, network with people in your organization (ask someone out to lunch), or learn more about your business. Sitting still, frozen, because you don't know which direction to go, or don't know the best road for success, is not a good option. It works against you, and at times takes away from all of the hard work you put in to get to where you are. Also, failure isn't the worst thing in the world.

My motto for problem solving is that we should always be moving forward. Understand what caused the issue, but focus on improving. Writers block prevents forward movement, which is not good for your career. Constantly find ways to move forward (big or small), and you are likely to be more fulfilled in your career.

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