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I Am HR Unleashed

I have spent 15 years in corporate Human Resources (HR) providing solutions necessary for businesses, and the individuals who drive businesses, to be successful.  This includes responsibilities like helping executives understand and overcome the cultural challenges associated with a changing organization, to helping individuals recognize and develop skills necessary to advance their career.

My ability to build trusting relationships, desire to partner and collaborate, and focus on creating solutions that get desirable results has allowed me to build a successful career, and I want to use that to help you.   

HR Unleashed

Unleashed, so my diagnostic process is not influenced by company politics.  Your business deserves an unbiased partner who can provide honest insight into your People strategy.  

I can take a look at your organization with fresh eyes and help you understand your company culture, and it's impact on your employees.  I can also help you see the connection between your corporate strategy and your People strategy, and bring them closer together if necessary.   

Unleashed, so I'm free to provide individual HR coaching and support with your best interests in mind.  Corporate HR is great at what they do, most of the time.  However their main focus will always be the business.  By being unleashed, My HR Guy can provide you with personalized solutions; working for you, and not who you work for.  Additionally, My HR Guy can go with you wherever you go, so I'm here whenever you need me, regardless of your employer.  

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