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Who Am I

I Am Ty 

Like all of you reading this, I am a sum of my experiences.  I'm an embodiment of my personal journey and of my 15 years in corporate Human Resources (HR), both of which are used to inform my decisions as a professional.  I'm curious.  Curious about people, what drives them, what slows them down, and what leads to successful interactions.  I love trying to problem solve, but better yet, I love anticipating problems and being proactive in creating solutions.  And I'm a collaborator.  I don't pretend to know all of the answers, but I'm confident that together we will figure it out.  


But, if you're really interested in my professional background.  Here's a glimpse of that.


I've spent the majority of my career (over 15 years; see above) providing solutions necessary for businesses, and the individuals who drive businesses, to be successful.  This includes partnering with executives as they manage change in their organization, to helping individuals recognize and develop skills necessary to advance their career.  I've designed programs, coached leaders, taught classes, and handled all kinds of employee relations issues.  I've sat on diversity committee's, been a recruiter (produced & directed a recruiting video), and have led engagement activities.  I like to think of myself as well-rounded HR professional, minus benefits.  Hopefully that gives you some insight.

Ty is a nickname based on my middle name, but it also rhymed with My HR Guy, which is why I use it here.  Now you know it all.

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